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Cindy Long

Director of Operations and Media Management Consultant
With over two years of experience in the real estate development sector, Cindy directs and coordinates the organization’s operational activities. She leverages leadership and managerial expertise as her focus in the company, while also strategizing marketing plans as a media management specialist. She also strives to offer real estate consultation services for future investors and developers.

Fiona Wu

Project Manager and Administrative Assistant
Fiona is responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget. Assistant to the director, she co-manages the office and organizes company schedules.

Eliza Wu

Financial Analyst and Accounting Assistant
Eliza leverages budgeting, cost, and revenue-maximizing strategies for various Oceania Holding investments and properties and offers consultation services for clients.

Aiden Wang

Property and Office Manager
Aiden provides top-notch managerial and organizational skills to boost efficiency at Oceania Holdings while overseeing the safety and security of all properties and investments.