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The Malibu Institute

Since 1970, The Malibu Institute Project (previously known as Malibu Country Club) has been the West Coast’s premier golf course for recreation, sports, and lifestyle brands.The site is located near the Santa Monica Mountain area and under the regulation of the LA county. It is the one and only project that combines health, fitness, golf and high quality five-star accommodations in the Southern California market. Under the regulation of LCP and Measure R, One Malibu will be the only golf course and resort ever allowed in the entire region. LCP prohibits any similar use to the Malibu Institute project.

Property Features

The Malibu Institute has its potential to become one of the most exclusive facilities in the world within a local market of nearly 25 million residents and a tourism market of nearly 50 million each year. Currently, there is only one 47-room luxury hotel with an ADR of over $850 in this area.

The Malibu Institute project will fill the void of high-quality public golf courses and overnight accommodations up to 320 people in Malibu.

Property Details

Strategic Investments

In 650 Acres Land Located In Malibu, Los Angeles

Development Area

Total 185 Acres Entitled Development Area

Golf Course

A Unique 107 Acres 18-Hole Golf Course

Resort City Getaway Spot

Easy Access to Malibu & Santa Monica Mountain

Extremely Transit Friendly Site

Car | Flight | Shuttle Bus | Bike

Entitle Luxury Resort

Bungalows | Conference Centers | Clubhouse | Restaurant | Bar & Grill

Golf Course

A unique 107 acres 18-hole golf course will be renovated and redesigned by a world-famous signature golf course designer. The Malibu Institute will be the only high-quality public golf course in the Malibu area.

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